Before you can charge tax on your products and services on PROSHOP Digital, you'll need to setup your tax rates in your Stripe account by going to the Tax Rates page here.

Click the + New button to be presented with this form:

You can select the Tax Type that most accurately describes the tax you are collecting. Under Region, you should select the correct jurisdiction for the tax that you are collecting. For example, if you operate in Ontario you need to collect HST on purchases, therefore select Canada > Ontario in the region box.

Next, set the Rate for the tax that you're collecting and whether it is inclusive or exclusive. For example, Ontario HST is a 13% tax that's exclusive because it is added after to the retail price.

Once you've added at least 1 tax rate to Stripe, go back to the Shop Integrations page and you should see your new tax rate listed under the Payments section!